Mahana Riesling 2015

The Mahana Riesling continues the theme set by previous Mahana Rieslings of lower alcohol and some residual sugar. This 2015 version packs a lot more punch than previous releases with an alcohol of 11% and 23 g/L residual sugar. It is very close to the style of Riesling that I wish to explore in the future which embraces the powerful and textural side of the noble Riesling variety.  The wine has a bright and clear appearance with a youthful yellow/straw colour.



The 2015 Mahana Riesling was harvested from our certified organic Burkes Bank vineyard on the 16th of April. Unlike many new world rieslings this example was fermented at relatively warm temperatures and kept on gross fermentation lees for 5 months. It has retained 23 g/ L residual sugar to balance the drive and weight found in the wine. It has a noticeable depth of structure and excellent length despite its relatively low alcohol. This is a quite powerful and rustic expression of riesling rather than the more common elegant and fine examples.

Alc 11%



The perfect match with spicy food, fresh tuna and scallops, rich pate.

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