All of our grapes are estate-grown in organic, dry-farmed vineyards, fermented from wild yeasts and finished in our four level gravity flow winery. Mahana combines traditional and alternative practices in both the vineyard and winery to create wines that are dynamic and thought provoking. These wines are made with respect, integrity and without compromise. They are a faithful expression of site, season and the unique individuals who nurture, guide and craft them.

Mahana has big news for The United States! 

We are excited to announce that our wines are now available for purchase within the United States. To place your order please download this ORDER FORM and email your completed form to USOrders@mahana.nz

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**Please note that at this time we are unable to ship to the following states: Alabama, Delaware, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas and Utah.** 


Mahana is our range which we are most well-known for.It’s your opportunity to buy in and get a bigger glimpse of the real stuff that is happening at Mahana. Indeed a true reflection of our philosophy, the Mahana range succinctly captures both the viticulturist’s and the winemaker’s ideologies. These wines establish and validate the point of difference in our approach to growing and making wines. Consistent stylistically and qualitative across the seasons, the Mahana range exhibits the results of grapes grown with honesty and picked with intention. These wines over-deliver every step of the way.


The Mahana Clays & Gravels series is the very essence of our philosophy and the winemaker’s individuality. This is it. This is where one comes for the attitude – for the rebellion. These wines are made using alternative techniques and may not be fashionable at the current point in time, but they will always speak the truth. They are the most expressive, powerful and structured of our wines. Made only when the fruit and wine quality attains a certain level, this tier communicates specifically about the clays and gravels of the vineyards and the way in which those vineyards are grown. Guided by the yellow-ultic soils of our Mahana vineyard, located in the Moutere Hills of Nelson, and our Burke’s Bank and Red Shed vineyards on the brown orthic soils of Nelson’s Waimea Plains, these wines are created with serious amounts reflection and consideration from both the viticulturist and winemaker. Mahana’s Clays & Gravels series is produced in very limited quantities.


Poets & Writers is a completely new collection of wines that have been produced in very limited quantities – only 88 dzn bottles of the Dr Schaeffer Riesling and 235 dzn of Feral Lahar Sauvignon Blanc – and each bottle is hand-numbered by winemaker Michael Glover. “I have long held a belief that for every batch of fruit that arrives at the winery door there is a perfect way to make it, but the million-dollar question is, of course, just what is the perfect way?” says Michael Glover. “I guess the more that a winemaker has seen, tasted, smelled and thought about it then the more likely it is that they will know what to pull out of their armoury when a given batch of fruit knocks at the winery door. A winemaker must contemplate, express and experiment each year to see just what aromas and textures lie within the grape waiting to be discovered. If you don’t look you don’t find. This series of wines under the ‘Poets and Writers’ banner is the explorative side of winemaking. It is very much driven by the modus operandii of “…what if?”