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-A winery that is fundamentally centered on the philosophy of 'terroir.'-

Mahana, which means 'warm place' in Maori, is nestled in the Upper Moutere Hills located west of Nelson City, New Zealand.

          Formerly known as Woollaston Estates, the vineyard was founded in 2000 when Glenn Schaeffer and Phillip Woollaston shared a vision of creating a world-class winery destination that would offer the very best in wine, cuisine, and accommodation.

Years later, we are at the forefront of new producers in New Zealand, creating dynamic and thought-provoking wines from our dry-grown and organically farmed vineyards. We combine traditional winemaking practices with alternative thoughts and ideas in order to express the land in our own way. We hold the belief that by following the rules you can make good wine, but only by challenging the status quo and honouring your intuition can you create a work of art.

With our modern Cellar Door, restaurant and luxury Villa Accommodation, Mahana is one of New Zealand’s premier winery destinations. We fuse the cultural themes of wine, cuisine, art, and literature into one immersive experience.

MHN Artistic Web
MHN Artistic Web

Mahana Series

10×3 Artistic Wine Shots – Clays & Gravels Range

Clays & Gravels Series

10×3 Artistic Wine Shots – Poets & Writers Range

Poets & Writers Series


Our unique location and soils play a significant part in what makes our wines special.

41.2649°S, 173.0444°E

4-Level Gravity Flow Winery
Mahana in the News

“The model of winemaking I bring to Mahana is fundamentally centered on the philosophy of ‘terroir.’ This ancient Burgundian philosophy is about expressing a ‘point of difference.’ In essence, we aim to honour the things that are not reproducible elsewhere by placing the highest value on the site, season and soul of the place. The site gives you a character which should be present from year to year, the season will provide a personality to the wines, and the winemaker aims to understand site and season, the symbiosis between them, and then works out how to capture the various elements as best as possible.”

Michael Glover
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