I would have to say that vintage 2015 went incredibly smoothly and was a joyful experience thanks to the ever watchful eye of our cellar master Adrian ‘the Lion’ Mann who was able to guide me and our two interns, Margot from Champagne and Dan from Vancouver Island, through the intricate workings of our state of the art gravity flow winery.

There have been changes! We completely abandoned the de-stemmer on all of our pinot noir and further embraced the role of skin fermentation, solids and even stalks on our sauvignon blanc…wild ferments, skins and stems…the recipe for revolution? Viva la revolution!

The wines that we have produced are every bit as exciting as I had hoped before starting here at Mahana….but…you are going to have to wait a bit longer for them.

Until then, here are three lovely wines from the cellar:

Firstly, there is the 2013 Mahana Sauvignon Blanc which Jo Burzynska has included in her ’10 Best Wines in 2015’, these selections were based on interest, quality and individuality and this wine has bucket loads of all of those parameters. As soon as you pour this wine and note the assertive colour you know that this wine is far from ‘mainstream’ sauvignon blanc. It is exotic, wild and complex. It is guaranteed to re-enthuse and re-engage even the most jaded of sauvignon blanc palates.

Next up we have the Woollaston 2011 Riesling which is just starting to develop the first signs of bottle age. Although this wine is lovely now, I suspect that just a little extra time in the cellar will allow some of the lovely bottle aged characters that riesling is known for to really shine. Nelson is well known for the quality of its riesling and yet so few people take advantage of the ridiculous value that riesling represents to the wine buyer. Many wine professionals believe riesling to be THE ‘great white’ and I am certainly not going to argue with that claim.

Finally we have the Woollaston 2013 Pinot Noir and what a decadent beast it is. Rich in berries, violets and earthy forest floor characters, I will even admit to using the word ‘carnal’ to describe it and if that isn’t a pinot noir word I don’t know what is? Perfect for the longer Winter nights to come, it cries out for log fires, candles and slow cooked things…what wine in Winter is all about really.

I hope you enjoy these latest offerings from our cellar.