Michael Glover in Cuisine Magazine May Edition – ‘ War and Place’

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‘War and Place’ – Mahana’s winemaker Michael Glover shares his unique manifesto with John Saker in the May Edition of Cuisine Magazine.

“I totally believe the wine gods have given sauvignon blanc to New Zealand. No one can doubt the synergy the variety has with this place. But we have this freedom we’re not using. There should be all sorts of different expressions, intriguing wines. I don’t want a Loire Valley producer to come to New Zealand and say, ‘These guys are trying to copy us and doing a bad job of it.’ I want him to come and be excited and jealous of the tastes and textures we’re getting, and to say, ‘I wonder if Mum and Dad will let me do that?”

Read the full article here.

Mahana Estates ‘Throwing out the Roseworthy Rules’

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John Saker: ‘Winemakers try something new, throwing out the Roseworthy Rules’

“It wasn’t long ago that a winemaker deemed to be “experimental” was one who planted a new grape variety. If the variety’s name was suitably evocative (eg Albarino), the producer wasn’t just experimental, but a rebellious pathfinder. It’s always interesting to see how a new variety adapts to life in Aotearoa. However, that’s no longer the cool laboratory. The best experiments today are all about method, in the vineyard and winery, no matter what variety you’re dealing with.”

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Mahana Estates new releases epitomise a fresh approach

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Mahana Estates is very excited to launch a collection of new releases that are the result of innovative approaches in the winery and, in some cases, faith and inspiration, according to winemaker Michael Glover.

The look of all labels has been refreshed with bright, bold colours lending the labels an energy and dynamism that is more in keeping with what’s happening at the winery, says Michael Glover. “It’s captivating and attractive on the shelf and expresses the innovation and creativity that we are using in our approach to winemaking.”

For more information on our exciting new releases, see the full article in the New Zealand Wine Directory


Mahana Estates talks authenticity with wine

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Mahana Estates is challenging preconceived ideas as to what ‘normal’ is and where boundaries are, embracing the values of quality, authenticity and the laws of terroir.  Winemaker, Michael Glover, is excited to announce Mahana Estates move to Kemp Wine Merchants as its New Zealand distributor.  Kemp Wine Merchants attraction is that their culture matches well with Mahana’s focusing on the philosophy of terroir.

It is often said that great wine is made in the vineyard – all our grapes are estate-grown, enabling quality control from the vineyard direct to the bottle. We strive to produce grapes, which not only reflect their soil, climate and environment, but also the people who curate them each season.

Michael Glover talks to Sarah Dunn at The Register about Mahana Estates move to Kemp Wine Merchants and working with Dan Kemp and his team and Mahana Estates move away from the corporate model and being true to the integrity of the wine.  Read the full article on

A Weekender’s Guide to Nelson

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“Stay overnight in an art gallery, paddleboard under the moon, then wine, wine, wine.

Hitting New Zealand for the weekend isn’t as much of a faraway adventure as it seems — the flight’s just over three hours from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. That’s almost similar to visiting Canberra or Byron, and there’s better wine at the end. And if you’re looking for a holiday that ticks multiple boxes, Nelson is a strong choice.

Shannon Connellan, Managing Editor of Concrete Playground (a digital online city guide), visited the Nelson region and explored some of the regions main attractions, which of course included Mahana Estate and the Mahana Villa.  Read the full article about the many unique attractions in Nelson  in the Weekender’s Guide to Nelson

Viva Mahana Wine

Mahana Wine makes Viva’s Pick of the Crop

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Mahana Wine: ‘Clays and Gravels’ Sauvignon Blanc 2014 vintage is selected as one of the best wines of 2016 by Viva wine editor Jo Burzysnka, one of New Zealand’s leading wine communicators.

We are very excited for our Mahana wine to be recognised, especially with our winemaker, Michael Glover’s, innovative approach to winemaking.

Read the full article Wine: Pick of the Crop for the top 10 wines chosen by Jo Burzysnka

The Royals visit Mahana

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Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, visited Mahana Villa and Mahana Estates during their Royal Visit to New Zealand. Mahana was honoured for Michael to give a personal tour of the winery to TRHs and share with them our organic and minimal input philosophy.

Truly warm and engaging nobility, TRHs interacted with hosts, employees and guests alike. His Royal Highness is an avid painter and outspoken supporter of organic agriculture. Her Royal Highness is the President of the United Kingdom Vineyard Association and enjoyed her short break at the Villa.

TRHs were treated to a display of the region’s finest producers of wine, produce and seafood in the region’s first “Source to Serve” event designed for their visit. Nelson is considered to be the produce and seafood basket of the New Zealand if not Austral-Asia. Wines were matched to the offerings and the region’s great chefs were invited to bring the concept together. Mahana was proud to be the host for this prestigious event and to bring the region’s finest together under our Cellars.

Below is a photo chronicle of the afternoon at Mahana Villa and Mahana Estates, during their trip to Nelson, New Zealand. Click on a photo if you want to see more.

Photos on this page: Chocolate Dog Photography.