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Mahana Estates new releases epitomise a fresh approach

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Mahana Estates is very excited to launch a collection of new releases that are the result of innovative approaches in the winery and, in some cases, faith and inspiration, according to winemaker Michael Glover.

The look of all labels has been refreshed with bright, bold colours lending the labels an energy and dynamism that is more in keeping with what’s happening at the winery, says Michael Glover. “It’s captivating and attractive on the shelf and expresses the innovation and creativity that we are using in our approach to winemaking.”

For more information on our exciting new releases, see the full article in the New Zealand Wine Directory


Mahana Estates talks authenticity with wine

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Mahana Estates is challenging preconceived ideas as to what ‘normal’ is and where boundaries are, embracing the values of quality, authenticity and the laws of terroir.  Winemaker, Michael Glover, is excited to announce Mahana Estates move to Kemp Wine Merchants as its New Zealand distributor.  Kemp Wine Merchants attraction is that their culture matches well with Mahana’s focusing on the philosophy of terroir.

It is often said that great wine is made in the vineyard – all our grapes are estate-grown, enabling quality control from the vineyard direct to the bottle. We strive to produce grapes, which not only reflect their soil, climate and environment, but also the people who curate them each season.

Michael Glover talks to Sarah Dunn at The Register about Mahana Estates move to Kemp Wine Merchants and working with Dan Kemp and his team and Mahana Estates move away from the corporate model and being true to the integrity of the wine.  Read the full article on


Michael Glover in Wild Tomato

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A look at Michael Glover’s first vintage six months into his new position at Mahana.  A premium producer of New Zealand Wine, Mahana located in Nelson, New Zealand is home for Michael, as he has been making his own wine here from our pinot noir grapes since 2013. Michael goes his own way and for that, we are excited about everything to come. Read the article here.